Pious Son

Scripted Drama


A son confronts his dying father, and must decide whether to forgive him or not.


Pious Son is a short dramatic film shot in a High Key to emulate the look of Hong Kong films from the early 1990s.

It was filmed on super 16 on vision2 500 tungsten stock, using Fresnel, Kino flos, and natural lighting.

Scripted Drama


Issac has just been released from prison. In order to reconnect with his brother Jacob, they go out on a drive. Unbeknownst to Issac the car is stolen, when suddenly they are pulled over by a cop. To save his little brother, Issac claims responsibility for the stolen car forcing him back into prison, and saving his brother from the same fate.

Greg created cast and crew schedule; keeping the twenty-five person crew on budget and time. On the project he handled all the budgeting, acquiring permits, props, location scouting, casting, creating crew schedules,and catering.

The Reciprocal